Here at Educated Fashion we specialize in time-saving mystery boxes and complete listing makeovers. Our soon-to-be-famous "Copy and Paste" reseller mystery boxes maintain the thrill of a a surprise while removing the tedious routine of processing and listing. We provide various services to update your listings or do a complete redo of your closet. Please feel free to contact us 24/7 with questions or inquiries.



By day, I am a high school ESL teacher who is passionate about cultural awareness and global citizenship; my love of language is what put me on this path. My parents noticed at a very young age that I had a great ear for music and language. In fact, I majored in Italian Studies at Nazareth College and taught Italian for two years in the South Bronx. Here in Colorado, there aren't many job openings for Italian teachers, so I started teaching English as a second language and I've never looked back. 

By night, I am a fierce fashionista with a wicked sense of humor. I have been obsessed with all things fashion since the day I first dressed myself. Growing up I would watch all of the styling and makeover shows; I took fashion classes and gained an appreciation for the impact (positive and negative) that fashion has on the world; I realized that fashion is a language in itself and the loudest form of nonverbal self-expression. 

I am extremely well-versed in fashion vocabulary and have years of experience outfitting clients. Let me stylize your closet so you can look smart, be smart, and sell smart.